Invest in Satu Mare,Romania!

28 aug.

My opinion is that Satu Mare is a good place for investments.sign
Here is why:
1-Uncorrupted local authorities welcome foreign investments.

2-We have among the lowest average salary in the country.

3-There is an engineer university.

4-The price of the land is pretty low.

5-The city is at 5 km from the Hungarian border,and at
about 40 km from the highway.

6-There is a German influence because of the German minority.

7-Draxlmaier and other companies have a very successful factory in the city.

8-The city has an international airport,that can host the largest airplane possible.

9-Working educated people.

10-Industrial park for investors,at about 1km from the international airport.

11-Romania is a member of EU and Nato,therefore a good place for safe investments.

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